Everything I knew about Essential Oils I Learned on NCIS

It was my 43rd birthday, and  I was at my husband’s office Christmas party. The party is at our local country club.  It was fancy!  The other people at the table were asking me what I had gotten for my birthday.  I was very excited because my husband and kids had gotten me a diffuser and an eight bottle set of essential oils.

A lady at the table said, “Where did you get your oils from?”

My husband answered, “I got them on Amazon.”

The lady, Carri, put her hand on my arm and said, “If you want to know more about oils, let’s talk later.”

That was it.  We enjoyed the rest of the evening.

That time of the year is so exhausting. Trying to find time to fit everything in is exhausting. Christmas came and went.  New Years came and went.  Finally, in January I got around to calling Carri about my essential oils.

We talked about the brand of essential oils that my husband had bought me. We talked about the kind that she likes, Young Living Essential Oils.  She told me about how it is important to know where your oils come from.  And because oils are not regulated under the FDA the labeling of ingredients is not regulated at all.  A bottle of essential oil may have as little as 5% essential oil and the other 95% could be a carrier oil or some synthetic oil. But, she said, don’t take her word for it. Then she encouraged me to do my own research.  And oh! by the way, I am having a little get together at my house in a few weeks if you want more information on Young Living.

I said yes I would come to her “class”, but I filed this information away with the other things that Carri had sold from her house over the years:

  • pampered chef
  • lingerie
  • beer bread
  • make up
  • candles

The Young Living class that Carri had at her home was eye-opening, to say the least!  I thought essential oils were what companies used for “fragrance.” (Ugh! So naive.) Everything I knew about aromatherapy I learned from the Abby Scutio character on NCIS.  Carri told us about the blood brain barrier. She told us about ewg.org.  She talked about the Seed to Seal Promise. She told us about frankincense, peppermint, lavender, and all of the oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I had decided to buy the kit even before I found out about the member benefits.

In my mind, this was a good deal.  A great way for me to get some quality oils for a good price. I would do more research on my own, and maybe I would stick with Young Living. Maybe I would switch to something a bit less expensive if diffusing oils was something that I enjoyed and wanted to do often.

Then Carri showed me her Essential Oil Pocket Desk Reference.  !

Down the rabbit hole, I went.  I carried that big/little book everywhere.  I read blog after blog after blog on Essential Oil Brands.  I went to the different company websites. I started reading the labels on EVERYTHING! I googled everything.

I googled things like

  • fragrance
  • natural flavorings
  • sesquiterpenes
  • 1st distillation
  • sonic diffusion
  • aromatherapy

After weeks of my own research, I decided that I was going to stay with Young Living. It is June now, and I have hosted two Young Living classes.  I have made several DIYs with my essential oils.  I have even discovered a podcast to increase my knowledge on Essential Oils. I highly recommend the Revolution Oils Podcast.

My way of thinking about everything has changed. The way I think about everything I buy a the grocery has shifted from food to cleaners to shampoo. The way I think about fabrics has changed. The way I think about food storage has changed. The way I think my health and my family’s health has changed. This is the forum that I will chronicle my journey from city girl to crunchy girl.